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Inorganic Chemistry

oxidation number

Oxidation number solved problems

oxidation number   Calculate Oxidation number of Underlined element- i) K2CrO4                                               ii)        K2Cr2O7 2(+1)+x+4(-2)=0                                         2(+1)+2x+7(-2)=0 +2+x–8=0                                                     +2+2x–14 =0 x=+6                                                                Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Oxidation Number – rules for calculation

oxidation number         source : compound Oxidation number of an element in a particular compound  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Oxidising & Reducing Agents

oxidising & reducing agents source : slide Oxidising agents or oxidants : are substances which Show gain of  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

oxidation & Reduction

oxidation & reduction source : Oxidation Oxidation or de-electronation is a process which releases electrons. In oxidation, oxidation  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Half Life -Numerical

half life source : Question 1 ) Half life period of a radioactive element is 10 years. Calculate  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Half life and Average Life Period

Average & half life source : Average Life Period & half  life period- Half Life Period- “It is  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Radioactive Disintegration Series

radioactive disintegration series   source : slide             “A series of regular disintegration starting from an unstable  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Group Displacement Law

Group displacement law source :          Soddy, Fajan & Russel gave a law, to  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Solved Numerical Problems of Mass Defect,Binding Energy

binding energy & mass defect binding energy &mass defect source : Q 1—Atomic mass of 8O16 is 16.  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Binding Energy of Nucleus (B)

binding energy of nucleus Binding energy of  nucleusf 1st Definition- “Energy required to break the nucleus into protons  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

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