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Inorganic Chemistry

Metallic bond part 2

Metallic bond- source : You tube Metallic bond- There are two models to explain presence of metallic bond in  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Metallic bond

Metallic bond source :    Metallic bond- In the periodic table more than 80 elements are metals. Except Mercury  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Law of constant proportion

Law of constant proportion source : Slide share Law of constant proportion or definite composition- This law was stated  Continue Reading »

2 years ago


Lanthanides  source :      Lanthanides- The elements in which the last electron enters in (n-2)f orbitals are  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Modern periodic table

Modern periodic table source : youtube Modern Periodic law –    Mendeleef’s periodic law was  modified because atomic mass  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Periodic classification of elements

Periodic classification of elements source : Periodic classification of elements- The classification of elements help in the systematic  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Balancing of redox reaction by oxidation number method

Redox reaction source : Redox reaction-  Balance the given  reactions by oxidation no.method- Ex.1-    FeCl3 + H2S  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Sommerfeld atomic model

Sommerfeld atomic model source : Sommerfeld atomic model – This  model explains the fine spectrum of Hydrogen atom.The  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Rutherford’s atomic model

Rutherford’s atomic model   source :     Rutherford’s atomic model This atomic model is based on alpha  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Nomenclature – elements

Nomenclature – elements source : ncert/cbse notes -weebly Nomenclature – elements The IUPAC proposed a system of naming  elements  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

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