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Glycerol : properties Part 2

Glycerol properties source: Slide player Glycerol properties – 1. Reaction with HNO3 :   When a cold mixture of  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

glycerol or Glycerine: Properties Part 1

glycerol properties source : Propane-1,2,3-triol or glycerol Structure of Glycerol: source : Nutrients Glycerol properties- Physical properties:  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Structural formula from IUPAC

Structural formula-IUPAC source: Structural formula-IUPAC  name – IUPAC name of an organic  compound consists two, three or all  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Nitro alkane,alkyl nitrite,alkyl halide-IUPAC

Nitro alkane:IUPAC source: chemgapedia Nitro alkane:IUPAC 1) Those compounds in which nitrogen of  -NO2 group is attached to any  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Rules:IUPAC of Aliphatic polyfunctional compounds

Rules:IUPAC source: learn next Rules:IUPAC of  Aliphatic compounds having poly functional groups- 1)A compound is  polyfunctional if it contains  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Rules:IUPAC of Unsaturated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Rules:IUPAC source: Master Organic Chemistry source: you tube Rules:IUPAC of  unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons- i) Longest chain The longest chain  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Rules for naming Saturated hydrocarbons-IUPAC

Rules-IUPAC source:youtube source: slide (A) Rules-IUPAC of  Saturated hydrocarbons- i) Longest chain Rule a) The 1st step  is  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Carboxylic acid & their derivatives -IUPAC

Carboxylic acid source : you tube Carboxylic Acid – 1)    Those compounds in which  (carboxyl group) -COOH group  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Alkyl cyanide,Alkyl isocyanide,Amine – IUPAC

Alkyl cyanide source : Alkyl Cyanide- 1)  Those compounds in which  an  alkyl group  is attached to the  Continue Reading »

4 years ago


Ether source : khan Ether- 1)  The compounds having the formula R-O-R or R-O-R’ are called ether. The  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

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