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Alcohol – IUPAC Name

Alcohol source : slideplayer Alcohols- Hydroxy derivatives of hydrocarbons are called alcohols.   These are obtained by the replacement  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Alkane , Alkene , Alkyne – IUPAC

Alkane source : slide Alkane- Aliphatic saturated hydrocarbons are called Paraffin or alkane. All the Carbon atoms in  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Homologous series: n,iso & neo hydrocarbon-IUPAC

Homologous series source : Homologous Series A homologous series can be defined as group of compounds in which  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Trivial & IUPAC system

IUPAC source : learn Nomenclature of organic  compound- There as two system  of nomenclature of organic compounds- (i)  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

Saturated,Unsaturated,Functional group – IUPAC

Saturated,Unsaturated,Functional group – IUPAC source : Saturated & Unsaturated Compounds           Those organic compounds in  Continue Reading »

4 years ago

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