Saturated,Unsaturated,Functional group – IUPAC

Saturated,Unsaturated,Functional group - IUPAC

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Saturated & Unsaturated Compounds

          Those organic compounds in which the Carbon atoms among them selves are linked  by a single bond are called saturated compounds.

Those organic  compounds in which the Carbon atoms among themselves are linked by  double or triple bonds are called  unsaturated compounds.


Those organic  compounds which are made up of only  Carbon  & Hydrogen  are called hydrocarbons .

Saturated Hydrocarbons –

Those  hydrocarbons which contain only single bonds between Carbon atoms  are called saturated hydrocarbons. These are also called paraffins (Parum – small, affinis – affinity) as these are chemically less reactive.



Unsaturated Hydrocarbons –

  Those hydrocarbons in which at least two carbon atoms are linked through double or triple bond are called unsaturated hydrocarbons. These are more reactive due to presence of double or triple bond [Pi bond].

Functional group-

A functional group is an atom or group  of atoms in a molecule that gives the molecule its characteristic chemical properties


Group  which is responsible for the chemical properties of compound is called functional group.

Compound      Functional group

CH3-Cl                              -Cl

CH3-NH2                      -NH2

CH3-NO2                      -NO2

CH3-CHO                     -CHO

CH3-COOH                  -COOH

Those organic  compounds in which only one functional group is present, are called monofunctional group compounds, while the organic compound in which two or more than two functional groups, whether same or different are present, are called polyfunctional group compounds .