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About: Saroj Bhatia

Dr. Saroj Bhatia is an Ph.D in chemistry who has been teaching chemistry for over a decade. Currently she is a respected principal of a renowned college in her hometown. She took this medium for online users. Her proudest achievement is helping people learn chemistry.

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Hybridization : sp3d3

Hybridization source :Chemistry Stack Exchange Sp3d3 hybridization :         The mixing of one s, three p  Continue Reading »

Hybridization: sp3d2

Hybridization sp3d2 hybridization :           The mixing of one s, three p and  two  Continue Reading »

Hybridization – sp3d

Hybridization source : sp3d hybridization :       The mixing of one s ,three p and one  Continue Reading »

Hybridization – sp3

Hybridization source : Chemistryland  Hybridization – sp3  In this hybridization one s , three p orbital are mixed together and  Continue Reading »

Hybridization – sp,sp2

Hybridization source : Hybridization-  Mixing of atomic orbitals of nearly equal energy and to  form new orbitals of  Continue Reading »

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