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Amines are derivatives of NH3 formed by the replacement of hydrogen atoms by alkyl groups.

Primary amine :  RNH2  Ex. CH3NH2 ,  CH3CH2NH2

Secondary amine : R2NH   Ex.  (CH3)2NH , CH3CH2NHCH3

Tertiary amine : R3N   Ex. ( CH3)3N ,  (CH3CH2)3N

                           ETHYL AMINE   [  CH3CH2NH2 ]

IUPAC name- Ethanamine

Methods of preparation-

1-  By the reduction  of nitroethane—- When reduced by Sn/conc. HCl, LiAlH4/ether then we get  ethanamine .

C2H5NO2 +6[H]————–>C2H5NH2 +2H2O

2- By the reduction of Methyl cyanide—-When reduced by Na/C2H5OH , Zn/H2SO4, LiAlH4/ether  then ethanamine  is formed.

CH3CN +4[H]————–>CH3CH2NH2

3- By the reduction of Acetamide— When reduced by Na/C2H5OH , H2/Ni , LiAlH4/ether  then ethanamine is formed.

CH3CONH2 +4[H]————–>CH3CH2NH2 +H2O

4— By Schmidt reaction— When propionic acid reacts with hydrazoic acid in presence of conc. H2SO4  then we get ethanamine.

C2H5COOH +N3H——->C2H5NH2 +N2 +CO2

5– From Grignard reagent— When ethyl magnesium bromide reacts with chloramine then we get ethanamine .

C2H5MgBr +ClNH2——->C2H5NH2 + Mg(Br)Cl

6— By the hydrolysis of ethyl isocyanate—-On hydrolysis with KOH gives  ethanamine.

C2H5NCO +2 KOH——–> C2H5NH2 +K2CO3

7—- By  Hofmann’s method or From etyhl halide—- When aq. or alc. NH3 & ethyl halide are heated in a sealed tube at 100 degree C , a mixture of  primary , secondary , tertiary amine & quaternary  ammonium salt is formed.

C2H5Br +NH3——->C2H5NH2 +HBr

C2H5NH2 + C2H5Br—–> ( C2H5)2NH + HBr

(C2H5 )2NH + C2H5Br ——->( C2H5)3N  + HBr

( C2H5)3N + C2H5Br —–> [( C2H5)4N] +Br- [Tetra ethyl ammonium bromide or Quaternary                                                                                                           ammonium salt]

9– From Ethyl alcohol–

When  NH3 & vapours of  ethyl alcohol are passed over heated Al2O3 at 360 degree C , a mixture of  primary , secondary & tertiary amine is formed.

C2H5OH +NH3——->C2H5NH2 +H2O

C2H5NH2 + C2H5OH—–> ( C2H5)2NH + H2O

(C2H5 )2NH + C2H5OH ——->( C2H5)3N  + H2O

10— By Hofmann Bromide reaction —  When propanamide is heated with Br2 & alc. KOH then  we get ethanamine .

C2H5CONH2 + Br2—->C2H5CONHBr +HBr

HBr + KOH ——>KBr +H2O


C2H5NCO + 2KOH—–> C2H5NH2 +K2CO3


C2H5CONH2 +Br2 +4KOH—->C2H5NH2 +K2CO3 +2KBr +2H2O





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