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1)  The compounds having the formula R-O-R or R-O-R’ are called ether. The two alkyl groups  may be same or different.

2) Ether  is  obtained by replacing the hydrogen atom of hydrocarbon by the alkoxy group.

3) Their IUPAC  name is alkoxy alkane.

4)  Out of the two alkyl groups attached to the two sides of the -O-, the group  which is bigger or larger than the other is named as hydrocarbon

5) Their general formula is CnH2n+2O


i) Those compounds in which -CHO group is present are called aldehyde.

ii) Aldehyde group  is generally attached to one end of the carbon chain.

iii) Their general formula is CnH2nO

iv) Their suffix is ‘al’

v) Their I.U.P.A.C. name is Alkane -e +al = Alkanal

Ketone –

1)  The compounds having the formula          or      are called ketone.

2) Their general formula is CnH2nO

3) Their suffix is ‘one’

4) Their I.U.P.A.C name is written  Alkane – e+ one= Alkanone.

When two ketonic groups are present in the compound, then suffix ‘dione’  is used .


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