Alkyl cyanide

Alkyl cyanide

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Alkyl Cyanide-

1)  Those compounds in which  an  alkyl group  is attached to the carbon of -CN   group are called Alkyl cyanides.

2) Their formula is R-CN .

3) Their suffix is nitrile.

4) The  IUPAC name is written as Alkane + nitrile = Alkane nitrile

when two -CN (cyanide)  groups  are present in the compound then the suffix used is dinitrile.

Alkyl isocyanide –

1)  Those compounds in which an  alkyl group  is attached to the nitrogen of -CN group are called alkyl isocyanide.

2) Their formula is R-NC

3)  Their suffix is isonitrile.

4) The IUPAC  name is written as Alkyl isonitrile

Alkyl Amine –

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The alkyl derivatives of ammonia are called alkyl amine. Amines are of three types

a) Primary amine

b)  Secondary amine

c) Tertiary amine

3) The suffix used for primary  amine is ‘amine’.

4) The  IUPAC name is written as Alkane – e + amine = Alkanamine.