source : syngaschem.com

Fuel :

It is a substance which on burning produce heat energy. Goodfuel have following properties:

  • It should be cheap and easily available.
  • It should not produce harmful and poisonous gases on burning.
  • The ash left after  burning should be small.
  • The ignition temperature of it should be normal.
  • It should have high calorific value.

Calorific value:

It is equal to the heat produced by burning one gram of fuel. Its unit is Kilocalorie/gm.

Example: C + O2  ——> CO2   + 94.3 kcal

12 gram carbon on burning gives = 94.3 kcal

1 gram of carbon on burning gives =94.3/12

calorific value of C = 7.86  kcal/gm.

Various types of gaseous fuel :

  • Water gas
  • Producer gas
  • Oil gas
  • Petrol gas
  • L.P.G
  • Coal gas

Gaseous fuel is better than solid and liquid fuel :

  • Gaseousfuel have high calorific value.
  • The heat produced by gaseous fuel may be controlled easily.
  • Gaseousfuel burn easily.
  • These do not produce harmful and poisonous gases on burning.
  • No ash is left on burning.
  • Its ignition temperature is normal.

Water Gas:

Water gas is a mixture of carbon monoxide & hydrogen [CO+H2  ].  It contains 50% CO and 50% H2 & Small amount of CO2 is present as impurity.

Manufacturing of Water gas:

It is manufactured by passing steam over the red hot coke at 1100 degree C because reaction is endothermic when temperature decreases CO2 begins to form.

C (red hot coke) + H2O(steam)  ——–>   CO + H2 (water gas)  -29 K.Cal

Plant used for manufacture contains cylindrical furnace made up of steel it is lined with fire bricks. Coke is filled in the furnace. More coke is added in the furnace by hopper and cup-cone arrangement. Steam is passed from the bottom. Water gas is taken out from the exist at the top.


  • In the manufacture  of H2.
  • In the manufacture of methyl alcohol.