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Producer gas:

Producer gas is a mixture of Carbon monoxide & nitrogen [CO+N2]. It contains 65.3% N2 and 34.7% CO. Some CO2 is present as impurity.

Manufacturing of producer gas :

It is prepared by passing hot air over red hot coke.

C (red hot coke)  + O2 ——-> CO2 + Q K.Cal  (exothermic reaction)

CO2 + C     ——>   2CO – Q K.Cal  (enothermic reaction)

Mixture of CO+ N2    ( left in the air) is obtained. Plant used for manufacture contains cylindrical furnace made up of steel .It is lined with fire bricks. Coke is filled in the furnace. More coke is added in the furnace by hopper and cup-cone arrangement. Air is passed from the bottom is taken out from the exist at  the top.

Uses :

  • It is used as fuel.

Oil Gas:

Oil gas is a mixture of CH4, C2H4, C2H2, H2. It is prepared by the cracking of kerosene oil (mixture of hydrocarbon from C12-C15). Formation of low molecular weight compounds by the decomposition of high molecular weight compound is called cracking.

Kerosene oil is dropped on red hot iron retort then cracking of kerosene oil takes place and oil gas is formed. The gaseous mixture rises through the bonnet and passed through hydraulic siphon containing water. In hydraulic siphon oil gas is cooled and water soluble impurities separates out. Oil gas is brown in color and oil gas may be checked in testing tap. Oil gas is collected in iron tank dipped in H2O. These iron tanks are called gas holders.


  • It is used in laboratories of colleges.
  • As fuel.

Petrol gas:

petrol gas is a mixture of vapours of petrol and air.


  • It is used in the laboratories of college.