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Rules:IUPAC of  Aliphatic compounds having poly functional groups-

1)A compound is  polyfunctional if it contains more than one functional group. The multiple bond is also considered as a functional group.  If two or more functional groups are present then one group is chosen as Principal functional group & other is secondary functional group.

2) Principal functional group is  mentioned with its suffix while secondary functional group with their prefix.

3) Principal functional group is that group which occupy higher position in the PRIORITY TABLE.

4)  The first step in the naming of polyfunctional compounds is the selection of principal functional group. the Principal functional group  gives the class name of the structure.

5) The IInd step is the selection of parent chain. Parent chain includes maximum number of functional groups & principal functional group.

6) The IIIrd step is the numbering of parent chain. Parent chain is numbered in such a way that lowest number  is given to the principal functional group.

7) If  two substituents of same seniority ( like -Cl,-Br ) occupy identical position in relation to the end of the chain, then  lowest number should be given to the substituent in alphabetical order.

8) Alkyl group &  secondary  functional groups are named in alphabetical order.



1-Bromo-3-chloro propane