Structural formula-IUPAC

Structural formula-IUPAC


Structural formula-IUPAC  name –

IUPAC name of an organic  compound consists two, three or all the following parts

a)  Root word

b)  Primary Suffix

c) Secondary Suffix

d) Prefixes

Structural formula-IUPAC : Rules –

a) Root word indicates the longest carbon chain . Write the number of carbon atoms in a straight chain & number them from one end.

b) Primary  suffix (-ane, -ene & -yne) indicates the nature of chain. In case multiple bonds are present , place them at proper places in the chain  and  rest by single bonds.

c) Secondary  suffix indicates the principal functional group. Place the functional group at  proper place in the chain. If principal functional group  is the chain terminating group then  put it at carbon -1

If functional group  is not shown by  any numerical number  it is assumed that it is located at carbon-1

d) Prefixes are the substituents or secondary  functional groups. Place them at the proper places with the help of locants

e) Now add Hydrogen atoms to satisfy four  valencies of each carbon  atom to get the structural  formula.

Ex.1)     2-Methyl pentan-1-ol

EX.2)   4-Methyl pent-2-ene

EX.3)   3-Methyl butanoic acid

EX.4)   5-Chloro-7-hydroxy-3-methoxy oct-5-enal


EX.5)   2-Bromo butanoyl chloride