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Metal ,nonmetal

Metal source: Metal – Metals are those elements which possess the following properties- 1) They are generally solid  Continue Reading »

11 months ago

Depression in freezing point-Part 2

Depression in freezing point source : Definition of Molecular or molar depression constant- If w/m = 1 mole,  Continue Reading »

12 months ago

Aromatic Conversions

Aromatic Conversions: 1. Acetylene to Benzene: 2. Benzene to Toluene : 3. Benzene to Nitro Benzene: 4. Benzene to  Continue Reading »

1 year ago


Isomerism – “When two or more compounds having the same molecular formula but differ in physical or chemical properties  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Magnetic moment-numerical

Magnetic moment source: Magnetic moment- Question 1 ) Calculate the magnetic moment of Fe 3+ , Mn++, Cr3+  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Orbital Magnetic moment

Orbital Magnetic moment source : Magnetic moment- The net magnetic moment of an atom is the vector sum  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Pinacol- Pinacolone Rearrangement

Pinacol- Pinacolone Rearrangement source : Slide Share Pinacol- Pinacolone Rearrangement- The conversion of 1.2-glycols (pinacols) to ketone or aldehyde  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Velocity Constant

velocity constant Velocity Constant- Consider a reversible reaction – A +B   C + D According  to law of  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Arrhenius equation numerical part 1

Arrhenius equation- source: Arrhenius equation- Q 1) The slope of line in the graph of ‘log K ‘  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Arrhenius equation

Arrhenius equation- source : Arrhenius equation- According to Arrhenius, i) All molecules of a system can not take  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

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